“Hubbub locations utilize a platform that empowers a Community of mobile workers to use co-working space across markets.”

Hubbub has created a solution for a fast-growing and underserved market. The workforce of the future is mobile and local. The trends don’t lie, and with the onset of COVID-19, it has only sped up the inevitable transition away from traditional office space.

Work from home and other remote workers are going to need a space that isn’t home. Those of us that have experienced the distractions that are inherent in a home office understand the problem. A community-based co-working space is a great solution. Workers save the commute and gain the community that makes the workplace fun.

One of the most powerful aspects of the Hubbub Model is our network development efforts. With one location, a co-working space serves a few individuals. With multiple locations, the brand can help thousands. The power of brand and network is what empowers individual sites with recognition, trust, and customers.

By focusing on the development of a community that utilizes multiple spaces and giving them one place to manager where they spend their time, the app empowers locations to be competitive.

Location owners leverage the power of network effect once locations become ubiquitous and a mobile workforce is utilizing space in multiple markets across one platform. Welcome to Hubbub.