About Hubbub

After decades of running commercial contract furniture dealerships, and construction businesses, John and his wife Suzi decided to buy an investment property in downtown Neosho, MO.  Shortly after that, the Entrepreneurs opened Sam’s Cellar bar and oven.  The pair grew the restaurant into a thriving destination and then turned their attention back to the investment property most of which was still vacant.  The humble beginnings of Hubbub began as an experimental space that would tie the offices on the second floor to a professional meeting space.  That space could also be utilized as an overflow area for the bar and restaurant in the basement.  An thus the Hubbub came into existence as a coworking space that would provide yet another revenue stream for the building and ultimately the entrepreneurial couple.

The Next Chapter for the Hubbub began when a young businessman was renting a desk by the day.  John being the serial entrepreneur that he is began chatting about expanding the Hubbub as a concept into other markets.  Shortly afterward the two had conjured up a platform that would drive out costs of operation and provide a management platform that would change the way people utilize co-working space.

We want you to be a part of our next steps as we expand into regional markets and open up the platform to our Community.  Sign up for an account get some credits and join us in the space to pursue your business goals