I started my freelance career at a desk in my bedroom.  I found that the distractions would mount up to the point I would take my laptop to a local coffee shop. Between my kids and household chores, I could get little to no work done.  I began working at the hubbub about a year ago and I couldn’t be more pleased with the convenience and professionalism it’s afforded me.  I use the location’s address as my company address.  I meet clients in the conference room and produce client projects in the studio.  It’s close to my home so I can come and go as I need.  Flexibility is when I why I started my company and the Hubbub makes it possible in a way I couldn’t imagine.

Shortly after I started to leverage Hubbub to grow my business, I reached out to John the owner to see what I could do to help grow the Hubbub, business model.